Old West Rangers

Old West Rangers is an 1880's Texas Ranger Company "A" Frontier Battalion living history reenactment group founded by Bob Bailey and is based in Houston, Texas.  Old West Rangers are the official reenactment group for the Former Texas Rangers Association, Former Texas Rangers Foundation and sanctioned by the City of Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department.

Old West Rangers was established to study, preserve, educate, and present the history and heritage of the Texas Rangers. We do this through the presentation of an authentic 1880's Texas Ranger encampment, to include vignettes of the daily life, humor, and events of historical significance that occurred in Texas during the 1880's. In addition, we have an extensive collection of Texas Ranger guns, badges, and memorabilia available for display for educational purposes.

The use of firearms or other lethal weapons in a conflict and opposing-force scenarios is never gratuitous, but is sufficient enough to show the grief and misery that results when people try to solve problems with deadly force.

Old West Rangers is neither a gun club or a fast-draw organization, but rather a troupe dedicated to an honest portrayal of history based upon the best research available. Our skits are designed to educate and entertain, with care not to exhibit excessive gun-play.

Authentic costumes and attention to details. This is what separates us from the Shootem'-Up Groups. Our costumes are extensively researched and created for the time period portrayed. No Hollywood "drop-looped" holsters,blue jeans, or modern hats here.