Former TX Rangers Assn & Foundation

The Former Texas Rangers Association was established in 1897 and Foundation in 1971.

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The Former Texas Rangers Foundation was organized and exists to support and assist in the fulfillment of the mission of the Former Texas Rangers Association and to provide expanded membership opportunities to individuals and corporations who believe in and support the mission of the Association. The Foundation does and shall exist to support the historical preservation, charitable and educational efforts and programs of the Former Texas Rangers Association. Specifically, the Foundation's goals are to bring Texans to the understanding that these character traits of the Texas Rangers - courage, determination, integrity, dedication, and respect - have been, and continue to be, fundamental and critical to the greatness of Texas. And further, to encourage the next generation of Texans to practice these traits with a goal of perpetuating our heritage as a truly unique region and citizenry.

The Former Texas Rangers Association exists to preserve and perpetuate the true history and heritage of the Texas Rangers; to maintain and operate a museum dedicated to the Texas Rangers, including a Ranger Ring of Honor in memory of Rangers who lost their lives in the line of duty; to establish commemorative landmarks related to Ranger history; to administer a scholarship program; and to bring Rangers, former Rangers and Ranger families and descendants together for fellowship, support and mutual purpose.